MaPuches is a band based in Ghent (Belgium) and has been founded by violinist
Renaud Ghilbert (Les Cerveaux Lents, Absynthe Minded). All of his
songs have been conceived in his home studio. Already a jazz violinist
and multi-instrumentalist, Renaud has added producer/songwriter to his
name and collaborated with several musicians, producers and vocalists
to create the project MaPuches. Inspired by bands as Moderat,
Portishead, Queens of the Stone Age and Dr. Dre, Ghilbert succeeds to
blend musical influences from all over the world into a unique musical formula.

Over the years, the band has changed of lead singer several times. That
role was taken recently by Helena Casella, given her enchanting voice,
fitting genuinely well in the music written by Renaud. Next to her we have
the rumbling drums of Bernd Coene (Reena Riot, Noedels), together with
the sultry bass of Hanne Vandekerckhove (Aarde aan Daan, UMM, Noedels). The rhythm section
also contains the dizzy guitar riffs of Eduardo Vega (Antwerp Gipsy-Ska
Orkestra, Les Cerveaux Lents, Proyecto Secreto) and is supported by the exciting synths of

Jérôme Pringiers (OPROER, Billie Louise) and the organized violins of Renaud.

From jazz over techno/dance and r&b to pop – not one music style is
alien to them. MaPuches takes you on a journey to a place where the
girls like to dance wildly, and the boys are only happy to follow.